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Rozzi Reproduction offers the newest high quality digital imaging method for producing multiple sets of architectural drawings. Copies has replaced Ammonia prints, and no one in San Francisco has greater capacity in this superior digital plain paper plotting technology. Black toner on bond paper produces crisp, clean prints even at 50% reduction-and fast! All prints are environmentally safe and recyclable.

Application Examples
  • large color copies/color CAD output
  • xerographic duplications
  • scans of renderings and drawings
  • bond set printing
  • library drawing management
  • distribution of bid, construction, .dwg request
  • custom bundles by subcontractor category
  • Pen Weight / Resolution
  • Size
  • Materials and Paper
  • File Types

Correct pen settings and image resolution are critical in creating high quality hard copy documents. Rozzi customer service staff provides plotting suggestions to ensure you get the best printed results every time.

Feel free to contact us for help.

Maximum output size
The maximum size for standard black and white CAD Plotting is 36" width by any manageable length. If your document width exceeds 36", we can either plot in tiles and splice them together or plot your drawings graphically up to 60" wide.

Enlargement and reduction ratios
Rozzi Reproduction can scale your original drawings down to 25% and up to 400% in 1% increments.
We can print on a variety of paper types including:
  • standard bond
  • presentation bond
  • translucent bond
  • vellum
  • mylar
  • clearfilm
Color bond materials are available in the following colors:
  • pink
  • blue
  • green
  • yellow
  • fluorescents

We support the following file formats for large document black and white plotting/reproduction: AUTOCAD files
When sending drawing files please send all AUTOCAD and/or TrueType fonts, associated "xref" files. The 'pack and go' method is the best way to send files to Rozzi.

Plot files
When preparing plot files, the preferred driver is the Hewlett Packard 755CM plotter (HpGL2 format). Plot set-ups vary from version to version, please contact our large format B&W department for more details or for support.

We accept Group IV compressed TIFF/CALS format, Adobe PDF, and PostScript Level 1. We also support all of the most commonly used graphic file formats. You may incur additional fees if file conversion is required. Contact our large format B&W department for file type recommendations.

PDF files
We accept Adobe PDF. We also support all of the most commonly used graphic file formats. You may incur additional fees if file conversion is required. .

Vic files
We offer compression software called ReproDesk. Reprodesk takes your .plt files created from AutoCAD and converts them to a compressed printable file format similar to a .pdf or .eps..

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